Is your epaulette tattooed, tethered, stitched, or trademarked? Where is it in your life?

trademarked word, universal lesson

An epaulette is an ornamental item, worn on the shoulder of a uniform.  Traditionally it is worn on military uniforms and denotes rank of an officer.  The information gathered from the stitched emblem immediately informs all “in the know” with unquestioned knowledge.  That knowledge includes how to address the bearer, and what degree of polite deference is required for that address.

 “wearing your emotions on your sleeve” refers to someone who’s emotions are very visible to others and is a metaphor of the stitched epaulette. That metaphor tells us so much about symbols, learned habits, language, and hidden rules.

The English language is simple and quick to learn, it is tidy.  The English language is also hard to master.  The reasons for this are best explained through the metaphor of how emotions are easy to observe, but difficult to allow a pressured pulse in our own veins. To keep things tidy, the English language uses inference to communicate multiple meanings. If the inference is not understood then the dialogue peacefully moves in a singular, or simple, trajectory. In English there is often a number of trajectories – one is simply evident, and others are inferred.  This means any conversation has multiple destinations, depending upon how the content is received.  It is so simple, yet complex.

There is an old English expression coining the observation of someone persistently angry, irritated, or annoyed. This expression refers to someone having a chip on their shoulder. When our lives change drastically we are forced to review what epaulettes we carry, including the “chips on our shoulders”. Some of those stitched shoulder flashes cannot remain for they will become poison.

Preconceived notions are stitched shoulder patches, or epaulettes.  Being preconceived means they are sewn into our being. What would happen if we chose to think and re-think, learn and unlearn those stitched notions? We could find our fog and maybe document our own beauty!

Here is a game for you to try.  It takes less than 15 seconds and will change your life, forever. Have a look at the stricken list of words and say them out loud. Observe your first thoughts.  Those thoughts are your epaulettes.

police, cop, retard, gay, homo, french, sexy, girl, woman, man, teacher, slut, homeless, curry, coffee, chief, catholic, buddhist, Indian, slanted, and right.

What do you want to have stitched on your epaulette?

bending trees:
bending trees in order to see

Namaste my friends, play safe as you unpackage who you really are.


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