Sometimes a less than interesting day can be accosted by humour.  When humour accosts our mind it is usually unexpected.  When it is unexpected it is discovered as something funny adheres to the forefront of our mind. In the surprise approach it playfully twists with other thoughts.

Nothing like a rogue sticker, of a unicorn, demonstrating what is acceptable and what is not to accost the mind as one walks down the street.  That rogue sticker stopped my tracks, and begged documenting.  In front of me was the tag line of the Graytuft site and that storyteller, Grayeyes, was at the radio mic lulling the words “finding fog, documenting beauty”.

This sudden change of how my environment was perceived was ironically stickered a few blocks from all I presumed to already know.  The all knowing place called “home”.

found in the backyard
unicorn directive

This image was observed while at the same time I received a text from someone saying they were restless. That “someone” was at a conference, sitting and listening.  Apparently the unicorn was not at the conference but was begging to attend.  The unicorn, and it’s directive, was documented and sent (via text), to sit with them.  Internal laughter was the mitigator of this playful mischief which then morphed, somehow, into rogue humour. The rogue humour found its way to an Equity Conference where that someone was sitting and listening.


That conference was in a wonderful venue, a short five minute drive from the “unicorn directive”.  The venue, though wonderful, may not be a venue where a same sex couple would be allowed to marry and this was an “Equity Conference”. The humour just took another twist. Unbeknownst to me Grayeyes would play further, with my mind.

That play became evident a few days later when I would stumble upon TWISTED WOMEN RIDERS. I stumble, they rumble…in on their Harley Davidson motorcycles and our paths cross just as days roll one into the other and rogue thoughts twist with observed facts finding fog such as the definition of “equity”.

So the unicorn went to an Equity Conference and a few days later I would stumble upon a group of motorcycle riders while I was walking away from the local market.  My arms were laden with bulging eco-conscious cloth bags carrying market vegetables, and other community grown produce.  Grayeyes was going to have fun playing in my mind with the concepts of destiny, free choice, and equity once again.

Time to rest the brain for this conversation is about to become circuitous. Enjoy your day. Think, laugh, and know all is well and our actions do affect others.


faded colour
unicorn directive, faded filter

JT Murphy

,and the faded,



signing off…

for now







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