Highway #9
Highway #9

Trust yourself.

Trust your confusion.

Start somewhere and trust.

It really is highway #9
this really is highway #9

Today I stumbled upon a police officer on duty.  The standard head nod between the two of us made it subtly clear we both knew our common ground.  There was a workplace hello, initiated from the officer, and a cautious response given, on my part.  A brief conversation ensued between the two of us and during this exchange the officer said “I trust no one”.

Trusting no one can make sense. Any police officer will understand this comment. Compromised faith and compromised trust is part of the job.  That compromise means there is real risk to remaining compassionate, gently.  You see, trust can become so eroded that a worn uniform loses value. If that uniform loses value then so does the human skin underneath clothes. Both humanity and the red lined blue uniform are forever connected.

Above are two snapshots showing how two parts can be so interconnected.  Look at both images and know you are standing at the same spot for both shots. Same spot, same day, same moment in time and yet the difference is profound. Humanity and policing are two snapshots of our world, different perspectives yet interconnected so deeply we can document the awe of one shot or the apparently mundane of the other.  Regardless they are forever connected.

That means you can influence them.  You need not be police to change the culture, you need simply to be human and know what you expect of those wearing the red dripped uniform.  Be gentle with them for they are brave. Be demanding of them for they are capable.  Humanity will thank you.

JT Murphy signing off for the day.


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