Pathways, Predictions, and Predilections

The line of time curves and finds peace along the spiral. Time’s spiral goes…neither up nor down…housing a perspective of effervescent newness, familiarity, and past woundings. The spiral is completely encased in memory and hope, memory and hope from generations past infused in our own mind.

What will be your memory in the casement of time?


Oddly enough, honest viewing of the spiral of time, sets free all woundings. Leaving woundings for past joys to visit, anew.  Mindful knowledge knows new found joys cannot be trapped, as were the old beliefs, for they too are temporal. Between the joys and woundings there is a place of neutrality. Healing, all healing, is in this journey. In the veiled time and space of neutral time and place.

Finding fog, documenting beauty by JT Murphy


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