The following is a written word spiral wrapping wisdom and truth.  The wisdom of our body and the truth of science.  Enjoy this playful mind bend of ideas called “oldly new”.


Years ago, in the healing arts field, there was a technique called “pain tapping”.  Today, there is scientific evidence supporting the benefits of that technique.  It is a technique known as EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.  Over 2500 years ago, Buddha spoke of mindfulness as the way of living, enlightened. Today, there is scientific evidence documenting how mindfulness reduces stress hence, living peacefully. Science has great value… yet…  scientific documentation appears to lag behind the wisdom embedded in our our own human body.

That human body is here for a temporary time which begins illusory….feeling like an eternity and moves forward until that distant place, called eternity, is no longer so distant.  It is as if the distant stretch of linear time curls, as the years pass, into a spiral formation. This happens in science as old theories are updated and revisited.  This happens in art as old ideas are explored, or studied anew.  This happens in our bodies as old aches unearth and speak in our joints of pleasures long past.  Each turn of the spiral brings a revisiting of something from the past as it entwines with old, forgotten, hopes. This is the definition of “oldly new”

Revisit old hopes and they become germinated anew, they become….”oldly new”. Unwittingly these old hopes were built on past cultural beliefs and expectations.  When we revisit, there is opportunity for those old beliefs to adjust and shift. This shifting happens in science, in our bodies, in art. It is commonplace.

The shifting process goes critically awry…if we hold on tight to those same historically learned values without understanding the origins and intentions of those values. Awry or not, a change in perspective will shed light on any preconceived value or belief.  In the end, if you explore any idea long enough you will have multiple perspectives which will encourage internal peace, understanding, and enlightenment.

The featured image is one where the studied water tower is no longer visible.  The water tower is, however, still there.  Study something long enough and you will find you see something else.  Sit still and believe.


study long enough and see something different



play safe my friends and find something to study … in stillness


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