The filter used is called “transfer”, all images are otherwise unedited.

Once filtered they seem to evolve into interactive play. Stories unfold.  Enjoy….

  • Inside out“, a moment in time where the outside world dusts off darkness and the open current inside soon comes to the morning end.
  • Water Sight” finds recurrent observation – contained dry outside, wet inside.
  • b-stop blue” is the perspective of blue observed outside whilst viewed from inside.
  • Tu me manques” echoes the Canada Goose from a dry downtown rooftop.  (tu me manques translated  means you are missing from me)
  • Which lens, which one?” see reflections in prescription glasses. The glasses reflect what is seen, while veiling a searching eye. That veiled eye is searching to believe in the tenacity and strength of the womb holding his unborn child.

All is well, yet what we use to filter stories determines what we retain…or allow to pass.

What do we “transfer” from ourselves when we view these images?

What do we “transfer” to our perceived joys and named sorrows?

What is your filter, today?

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