What is ordinary changes everyday.

What is ordinary is now forever changed.

With PTSD what was ordinary is no longer.  Who I was is also no longer.  The exiting thing about this degree of change is found in the metaphor of putting together a broken glass vase.  While putting the vase back together choices can be made as to what pieces one may wish to keep, or release to the elements of time.  Choices can also be made as to how to put it back together.  Will it remain a vase or, will it be re-kilned and become something else? Will it be fused?  Will it be ground down? Will the shards be polished or softened?  All of these choices determine what will transform, the moment, between the past and what we call now.

Once anything is so broken, choice becomes apparent.  It is quite simply, if or how, to rebuild. Though daunting, the thought of rebuilding, can fuse, unbounded, into creativity. The trick is accepting the familiar trilogy of, blood, sweat, and tears as comrades. Be broken enough, and all you have left are those comrades. Create new safe places and with that choice there comes a fresh sense of “ordinary”.

I hunt now, not for criminal offences in progress but, for beauty masked by the fog of preconceived notions.

What do you hunt for?

Whatever you hunt you will find.

Our media hunts for drama, trauma, and other stories that will pull strings tied to compromised ethics.  Our morally founded organizations hunt for stories that support their moral choices. Our athletic foundations hunt for stories of great physical feats. Enterprises hunt for ways to motivate us to spend money using our preconceived notions of right, wrong, beauty, affluence and success.  Every last one of these groups has a set of values that fuel their choices.

What values will you choose to fuse, fire, or grind, as you rebuild…..yourself.

Play safe my friends, or else taunt the experience of redefining “ordinary”.

JT Murphy

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