Failure is an opportunity to trim that which is unnecessary.  It is uncomfortable and means either radical acceptance of that which has happened, or radical creation of a new way of seeing that which has happened.  Regardless of the path, both choices will bring about a new way of being.

As that new way of being evolves, an ending to the past becomes visible and discovered emerging from the fog are stories yet untold.  Watch what emerges and enjoy, or simply watch the wind toy with the wisps of remaining fog as you rest and find your smile within. Find your fog and document beauty.  In doing so may you have the most successful of failure in life called life itself.

The featured image of the bird, the foggy landscape and the moose are images from one day, one small two hour capsule of time.  They are how simple it is to find fog, document beauty and simply live.

Finding Fog, Documenting Beauty
Unraveled and Found, Inside the Fog
Dogwood Fog

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