The most effective way to destroy people

is to deny and obliterate their own

understanding of their history.

George Orwell

When we are able to anchor ourselves in history, we are able to grow and expand.  With anchored history we are able to honour new beginnings, without repeating past errors.  In the old country, back in Europe, there is a reverence for old ways, old streets, old stones. There is always the knowledge that others have walked the same paths, before our very existence.  The post image is from a small town in the south of France. It invites you in, to an existing path. The trees are old and who knows when the number 5 was carved on the third trunk on the left. Was it recent, or was it years ago? We don’t know, but the trees do.

Reverence for trees, history, and culture drip from every stone laid in Europe.  It is a reverence we do not know, here, in North America.  Our lack of history has us, in 2017, on the cusp of repeating some very destructive periods. It is too easy to say those periods were across an ocean and different from today. Apathy and ignorance are the tools needed to repeat dark days of the past. Apathy and ignorance are what allow our understanding of history to be obliterated.

January 2017 I consciously chose to leave apathy and silence behind, hence I allowed this website to go live.  It is apathy and silence that has allowed so many people to live with the injury of PTSD; 911 workers, soldiers, and civilians alike.  We have a crisis in Syria, resulting in people being dislocated, some of whom find new homes, here, in North America. Our new immigrants come to us with the hope of a better future, they also come with injuries of the mind, from their past.  Our first nations live every day knowing their culture and geography were raped, and methodically culled from the history books.  PTSD is the personal version of these global crisis.  If PTSD is understood, then the world will find a softer heart and a smarter way of being.  If what I write here helps two people understand a little bit better I have paid my debt forward. If this continues then maybe the “pay it forward math” will work in our favour.  Maybe we will make a difference, together.

Make no mistake, it was apathy and ignorance that cultivated rich fodder for the injury titled PTSD.  If I write some of the lived experience, then maybe it is less hidden. If the injury is less hidden, then maybe it will be better understood.  If it is better understood then what George Orwell wrote will only be a concept, not a reality. I write in order to put a voice to this experience, I humbly ask you read with soft ears and receptive eyes.  Together we may learn something new. Together we may have more compassion for our own history, our own personal choices, and consequently more compassion for others.


History does repeat, just as the rings of the boardwalk repeat the stones of the walls.  It does repeat. What are you going to choose to do, to say, or be as you play your part in the repeating of history?

Namaste my friend,

Julianna Murphy

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