It is always a matter of perspective,

…be it fear, anger, rage, love, compassion, indifference, or apathy.

Everything is a matter of perspective. PTSD is a perspective which forces an intimate relationship with all emotions.  Intimacy, in this case, also means fear is found sleeping under other the other emotions. Recognize the top layer of emotion, then find the fear, follow with mindful breath, and move forward. The cycle never ends. Only perspective changes how the cycle feels. Regardless, the cycle is essentially one of becoming more alive, followed by fearing being more alive, and concluded by becoming once again. PTSD is a simple a matter of perspective, for a brave soul. – Julianna Murphy

Usually we think that brave people have no fear.

The truth is that they are intimate with fear.” 

— Pema Chödrön

remember, it is all in the perspective

these photographs are one perspective

your current interpretation is another perspective

return later and they will change…

as you also change

…till next time, Julianna Murphy

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