The following uTube link is a Ted Talk about moving beyond apathy and anger.  The speaker is my brother.  Listen to what is said, the story is provocative.  While listening, peruse the Graytuft website and realize children do learn what they live.  This is only two of the four children my parents raised. All four of us were brought up on co-operative games and the hard work it took to choose life without lock and key.

Me…well, when my brother and his partner were first subjected to homophobic acts, and gross violations of their human rights, I was still working in policing.  I was too afraid to fly the rainbow flag in solidarity with my brother and his partner.  I was working in police and in a same sex relationship.  I was too scared, but there were others that could step up when I wasn’t capable.   My brother and his partner were brave and a small quiet backyard revolution happened, when the law could do nothing.

Today, Grayeyes is sharing stories that are evocative of a small revolution.  Grayeyes asks all of us to walk away from hate and intentionally walk toward peace.  That is the stated metaphor, finding fog and documenting beauty, in the tag line.  Beauty abounds and bravery is at your doorstep, even in your house with your family of origin.  Oh, and by the way, my brother’s partner….is Sarah Jean.

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