Sometimes we see the frayed bits. Sometimes we see the woven wire holding things together. Sometimes we see the ceramic connector, only to later discover it is an “insulator”.  In the end what you see is a part of the whole.  PTSD is the frayed bits.  The insulator and wires still stand strong but they are not in view during a critical “episode” with this unruly demon.  The demon too needs a rest and that is when you look for the insulators in life.

Look up at a bird on a wire and then let your eye travel left or right and find the sun has lit up some ceramic or glass. That is the insulator sparkling in the sky. Where are your insulators?  Find them in the dark days, hold them precious in the good days and collect them in your every days.

This post is in honour of every last person that has fought the demons of suicidal ideations.  Know they are real and that they are your body’s way of saying something is critically upsetting.  There are those of us that understand and choose to live and win over that demon.

A friend of a friend ended his life this week.  He was one of the 911/front line worker team. His strength and insulators are gathering today for a celebration of life.  While reading take a moment and offer a piece of your light to that celebration.

Play safe my friends, feathered, furry and human.

memory is by nature always with us

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