JT.Murphy is a professionally trained artist who left the art field in 1998. She consciously choose the career of policing.  Oddly enough J.Murphy’s art always had a social consciousness to it and her approach to police also embodied social justice, or consciousness as well as one can with the uniform and belt of weapons. That policing career ended years later. In between she talked her way out of many a physical confrontation yet JT.Murphy did experience a number of assaults.

Today JT Murphy has returned to art and continues to search for peaceful communication.  JT Murphy’s intent has always embodied a layered approach which was consistently non-confrontational. Today that intent and approach means JT. Murphy is resolving the conflict found in their mind and body due to aftermath after injury.

The 911 call has changed from racing toward situations of distress to working mindfully, and slowly, using art, writing, and meditation. The distress call is no longer from others… from strangers… the distress call is inside JT. Murphy’s body and JT is determined to find peaceful resolve. This journey is about knowing two worlds have fused forming some sort of bridge between those injured and those not.  Regardless of where you fit, people find themselves calmer after viewing the work or listening to one of the stories.

PTSD has required JT.Murphy be even more attentive to peace.  Policing has ended and an artist has returned.  The medium is primarily photography with some rare & beautiful encaustic work.  Art is the way JT. Murphy uses to “find fog and document beauty”.

Enjoy and play safe,


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